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Allowing dust to build up on your carpeting can be a pain, since it can affect your carpet's lifespan, your home's cleanliness, and even your family's health. Read this post to learn how to avoid it.

How to Prevent Dust Buildup in Your Carpeted Floors

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Set a "No Shoes Inside" Rule in Your Household

The world is not the cleanest place: there's filth everywhere, dust floating around, fecal matter to worry about, damaging organisms that just want to hurt you, and many other hazards. However, the floor is especially dirty, as it is where all of these agents gather. This means that when you're wandering around, you're picking all of that nastiness up with your shoes. What's even more troubling, is that if you don't take your shoes off upon arriving to your house, you're depositing all of that filth all over your carpeting. To prevent that disgusting situation, you should set a "no shoes inside" rule in your household, and have every resident and guest abide by it. To make it easier for everyone to follow it, make sure there's a shoe rack or closet by the door where people can leave their shoes. Likewise, try to have slippers or indoor shoes on hand so people don't have to walk around barefoot (since it could make some feel uncomfortable). This rule can help you have a much more sanitary home, and a properly maintained carpet that's free of the dangers of dust buildup for many years to come.

Cover Your Floors Up to Keep Them Protected

While taking your shoes off is a very good first step in preventing dust buildup in your home, it is not the only measure you can take to keep your carpets in pristine condition. For example, you can try covering them up to keep them protected. While this may sound silly, making use of rugs and mats can make a lot of sense, especially when you place them in high-traffic areas at home. For example, having a rug in the entryway, which probably gets a lot of use, will prevent the material of the carpet underneath it from getting damaged or dirty. Plus, using rugs and mats can have other benefits. For instance, depending on their material, color, and pattern, they can give your home a more stylish look. Moreover, they're much easier to clean if they ever get excessively dirty.

No matter how much you care for your carpet, it's recommended that you deep clean it once a year. If your floor is due a professional carpet cleaning in Augusta, GA, call Augusta Cleanpro at (706) 825-7522 to get the best results.

Vacuum Regularly, Thoroughly, and Effectively

When you think about preventing dust buildup in your floors, you probably think about its vacuuming sessions. And you're right! Vacuuming your carpeting is key to guarantee a floor that's free of dust, allergens, and more. It's so important, in fact, that Vacuums Guide recommends tending to the carpet once a week to get rid of all of the dead skin cells, bugs, and other matter that can get trapped in your floors. But, to have effective vacuum sessions, you need to follow a few tips. First, you need to find the right vacuum for you; one with the necessary suction power. Then, you need to employ the right technique: vacuuming one spot several times and in different directions in a slow and gentle manner. Lastly, you will have to be thorough: make use of the right attachments and move furniture around to reach every single corner.

Give Your Carpeting a Professional Deep Clean

Finally, the best thing you can do for your carpeting's lifespan, maintenance, and dust prevention, is have a professional and reliable team give it a good, deep clean at least once every year. Doing so will ensure that your carpet will be as sanitary, pretty, and soft as can be, since a professional clean will get rid of any bad smells, stains, germs, and other things that could be preventing it from shinning like it should. For that reason, if you want beautiful floors for years to come and a healthy household, you should call a reliable and experienced company to set an appointment.

Call Augusta Cleanpro at (706) 825-7522 if you require a professional, reliable, green, and safe carpet cleaning in Augusta, GA to maintain your floors properly.

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