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Purchasing new carpeting can be quite pricey, so it makes sense that you'll want to take care of yours as best as you can. To do this, keep these carpet destroyers off and out of your carpet.

Things That Can Easily Wear Down Your Carpets

If you paid for the carpet in your home, then you already know just how pricey new carpet and its installation can be. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent your carpet from aging prematurely. To help you keep your carpet at its best, check out some of the most common carpet destroyers and how to keep them away from your carpet.

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Pests in Your Carpet

Believe it or not, your carpet can turn into a home for many little bugs and creatures. From mites to carpet bugs and moths, you may not realize they're living in your carpet until they've really taken over. If these bugs have been in your carpet long enough to lay larvae, when these little guys hatch, they'll be looking for something to eat. Unfortunately, your carpet provides them with the perfect meal. This means they'll eat away at your carpet fibers, leaving your carpet looking matted, patchy, and dingy. To stop this from happening to your carpet, vacuum at least a couple times a week. This can help remove any bugs before they have a chance to settle in. Professional carpet cleanings can also help eliminate pests before they become an issue.

Moisture in the Home

Moisture may be uncomfortable, but for your carpet, it can be much more than that. Ideally, rooms with a lot of moisture shouldn't be carpeted because of the porous nature of carpet. Moisture can seep into your carpet fibers, resulting in mildew, mold, and even rotting. Not only will your carpet suffer, but it can also lead to bad odors in the room that are just impossible to remove. In other cases, spills and flooding in an otherwise moisture-free room can lead to serious carpet damage. Natural flooding or a pipe bursting in the home can soak your carpet, sometimes leaving it beyond restoration. Spilled drinks, on the other hand, can be cleaned up quickly, reducing the chances of serious carpet damage.

Food Spills

Following up on spilled drinks, spilling food on your carpet can also lead to trouble. Just like with a drink, do your best to clean up spilled food as soon as you can. Use a clean washcloth to soak up as much of the food as possible. This can prevent a stain from settling onto the carpet surface and make it easier to keep your carpet smelling and looking better. Avoid using store-bought chemicals and cleaning solutions since these can often lead to even more issues. These can be too harsh for your carpet, leading to stains, fading, and damage to the carpet fibers. If there is a stain, wait until your next carpet cleaning. Point out the stains to the professional cleaner so that they can take care of it the safest way possible.

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Pets in the Home

As much as you may love having your pet in your home, they can actually be contributing to your carpet's damage. This doesn't mean you should kick them out of your home. Instead, keep your pets well-groomed so that they don't damage your carpet without realizing it. Bathe your pets regularly and keep their hair trim so that their odor and hair don't take over your carpet. It's also important to keep their nails trim so that they don't snag and tear your carpet.

Harsh Sunlight

You may love how your home looks and feel when natural sunlight pours in through the windows. Although this light may be flattering and warm, it can also cause your carpets to fade quickly. You may not realize it at first, but simply moving furniture around will reveal parts of your carpet that haven't been touched by the sun. These parts will maintain their original color, making the fading in other parts obvious. You don't have to keep your blinds closed at all times to prevent this. Simply look for some UV protection for your windows that will keep your carpets looking great while still allowing sunlight into your home.

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