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If you allow shoes to be worn inside your home, you should read this post by Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA to learn why that's not a great idea, and what you can do to instill a 'no shoes' rule.

Why You Shouldn't Allow Shoes Inside Your Home and What You Can Do About It

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Why You Should Try the "No Shoes" Policy in Your Home

Can you imagine trying to walk through the world and its difficult terrains without any shoes on? Your feet would burn, scratch, and get seriously injured all of the time. Thankfully, shoes exist to keep them protected and safe from harm. However, it's not at all probable that the floor in your home will present an arduous challenge for your feet, especially if you have a carpeted installed. This begs the question: why do you wear your shoes indoors? Moreover, when you think about the amount of filth, bacteria, gunk, fecal matter, and all around nastiness that can be dragged into your carpeted floors through them, you may end up wondering why you would put your and your family's health at risk by wearing shoes inside. This is especially true if you have allergy sufferers living in your household, since all of the disgusting particles at the bottom of your shoes can get trapped inside the carpet's fibers and cause their respiratory system to flare up constantly, making for a very uncomfortable living situation for them. Not only that but actually wearing your shoes around the house can also take a toll on your floors. As previously stated the dust, dirt, mud, and other similar elements will brush off on your carpeting. The resulting stains can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, meaning your carpeting's aspect and softness will be seriously damaged. This, as you may imagine, can also shorten its lifespan significantly. Last but not least, you may want to remove your shoes before stepping into your home because your feet deserve it. After they've been trapped in a tight confinement all day, they need a chance to rest, relax, and breathe. And, if you have a soft, nice carpeting in your home, you can bet your feet will feel like they're walking on clouds with each step they take.

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How You Can Go About Instilling the Rule

After learning everything you just learned regarding the downsides of wearing shoes inside your house, you may be wondering how you can go about instilling a 'no shoes inside' policy? As you can imagine, this can be tricky, especially if you and your family are used to wearing shoes indoors. For that reason, is to let all of your family know of this rule and to ensure that they abide by it. Explain to them the reasons for this change, and ask them to comply. Not only that, but you should have your guests take off their shoes before stepping into your home as well. Now, it can be a bit weird to ask your guests to remove their shoes and enter your house barefoot. Still, if you want to instill this rule, you'll have to power through. You can ask them politely, or even put up a funny sign by the door to let them know of the situation. It's also suggested that you have a spot where your guests and family members can keep their shoes safe. For example, a shoe rack by the door, or a closet near the entrance can help feel more comfortable with the situation. Plus, you'll be able to keep the shoes organized and out of the way. As a final tip, you should provide your guests with some sort of footwear option in case they don't want to be completely barefoot, they're not wearing nice socks, or didn't get a pedicure recently. For instance, you can give them indoor shoes or a pair of slippers so that they can rummage around in your house without feeling like their feet are exposed. If you follow all of the tips mentioned here, you're likely to keep your carpeted floors (and your home in general) prettier, more sanitary, and in great condition for a lot longer. Just be sure to follow them to a T.

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