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If you have carpeting, vacuuming it may be part of your regular routine. However, are you sure you're doing it correctly? To make your floor good as new after each vacuuming session, read this post.

How to Vacuum Your Carpets Clean

Vacuuming is a part of day-to-day life for most people who have carpeted floors. However, did you know you could be doing it incorrectly? If you want to be completely certain that your floors will be sanitary, flawless, and good as new after each of your vacuuming sessions, read and follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

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Pick the Right Tools for Your Carpet

Do you want your vacuuming sessions to go over smoothly and effectively? If you do, then the first thing you need to worry about is the vacuum you use for them. This is because you will require the right amount of suction power and appropriate nozzles to do as thorough of a job as possible. To make sure that you select the perfect one for you, consider your carpet, its material, its hair length, its size, and its use when purchasing the vacuum.

Vacuum Your Floors Regularly

It's no secret that you should vacuum your floors regularly. If you're unsure of how often, however, you should know that Vacuums Guide recommends that you do it at least once a week, to reduce the amount of dead skin cells, bedbugs, and allergy outbreaks in your home. Still, if you find it difficult to muster the energy to vacuum your whole house once a week, try to divide and conquer. This means that you should divide the carpeted rooms in your home into sections and designate a day of the week to go through each one. For instance, Mondays you can vacuum the carpet in the dining room. This will make the task easier to get through.

Get Ready to Vacuuming

Preparing to vacuum will also make your vacuuming sessions easier and much more effective. To that end, you should first empty out the dust bag in your vacuum, so as to avoid dirtying the floors you're trying to clean. You should also be certain that the right nozzle is attached to the vacuum, so you can be as thorough as you need. Finally, prepare the room you'll be vacuuming: pick up any items from the floor and move the furniture around.

Use the Appropriate Vacuuming Technique

Simply going over your floors with a vacuum in a fast and careless manner won't do if you want to keep them sanitary and flawless. In fact, if you want to guarantee that you'll remove as much dirt and filth as you can from them, you need to use an appropriate vacuuming technique. To that end, be sure to slowly go over one same spot in different directions with your vacuum.

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Vacuum Every Inch of Your Place

Once again, being thorough is key if you want to do a good job at keeping your floors clean. For that reason, you should try to vacuum every carpeted inch of your place. To do so, you should first attach the right nozzle to the vacuum to be certain that you'll be able to fit in corners or tight spaces. Likewise, remember to move the furniture around to keep the carpet that's under it clean as well.

Don't Overdo It

While it is true that you should clean your carpeting thoroughly and regularly, it's also true that you shouldn't overdo it. This means that you shouldn't go overboard, for example, with how many times you vacuum. Vacuuming your floors every day may damage them, so stick to going over them once or twice a week. Also, keep in mind that while you should be thorough when vacuuming, this doesn't mean that you should be rough. Be gentle to keep your floors in mint condition for longer.

Vacuum Your Way Out

Lastly, if you want to have a freshly-cleaned floor to show for your vacuuming efforts, you should remember to vacuum your way out of the room to erase your footprints (and the dirt attached to them) from the carpet. You can also try vacuuming while barefoot or wear socks, so as to keep your carpeted floors in pristine shape for as long as possible.

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