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Spring cleaning your house can give it a breath of fresh air. To ensure that you'll do a thorough and effective job at it, follow the tips mentioned in this post by Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA.

How to Spring Clean Your House Effectively

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Set a Schedule

If you want this to be an effective spring cleaning session, you need to set a schedule in which you designate a day to do each of the tasks you need to get through. If you start doing one or two things a day, you'll find it much easier and a lot less overwhelming to continue with your cleaning efforts. Just be sure to actually keep up with the schedule.

Be Smart

Before you start going through your belongings, you need to have a smart plan for how you'll be spring cleaning your home. After all, you probably don't want something to get dirty after you've already cleaned it. That's why, you should work from top bottom, or from the inside out, so you can have effective cleaning sessions.

Safety First

You may think that cleaning the house is a low-risk activity. However, many things can go wrong when you're going through it. That's why it is important that you stay safe. To that end, you need to wear the appropriate clothing and gear, read the instructions of the products/tools you'll be using or cleaning and have enough water and rest as you work.

Multitask if You Can

Part about being an effective spring cleaner is cutting down on time wherever and whenever you can. That's why you should multitask if possible. For example, you can clean and flip your mattress while the bed sheets are in the washing machine. This way, you won't have to waste time and you'll be able to make your bed once the sheets are dry.

Declutter Your Belongings

The things you own may end up owning you. Moreover, it's likely that you don't even know how much stuff you have in your house. That's why you should do a thorough decluttering of your home: go through every drawer, cabinet, closet, and more, and sell, donate, or throw away what you don't want/need.

Ask for Help

It's no secret that the spring cleaning process can be long and very daunting. If you feel discouraged by this, you can ask family members and close friends to help you along the way. Sharing the burden with someone will take some of the weight off your shoulders. Even just having company throughout the process can be helpful.

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Move Items Efficiently

If you're like almost everybody else on planet Earth, it's normal for you to misplace a few of your items. You may leave some of your clothing in the living room, your shoes in the bathroom, a dish in the TV room, and more. Make piles of your stuff depending on the room they should go in. This way, you can grab the whole pile at once and move the items to their rightful place.

Keep a Notebook Nearby

Spring cleaning isn't just about cleaning your house: it's also about noticing areas that need improvement, figuring out things that you need to restock, finding stuff that needs to get fixed, and more. If you want to ensure you won't forget about those issues once you finish cleaning, you should keep a notebook nearby where you write down those things you need to do.


Of course, if you want this to be a successful spring clean, you need to actually go through everything you own. Wipe down any surface (from doors and windows, to shelves and drawers), care for your garden, wash what needs washing, dust your belongings, etc. Don't forget to deep clean your carpeted floors, too, so they can be spotless.

Provide Easy Fixes to Your Home

Last but not least, you should provide easy fixes to your home as part of your spring cleaning efforts. For example, you can fix a loose door, replace a burnt light bulb, and stitch up a torn t-shirt. If upon your cleaning sessions, you find areas that need more maintenance work, write them down in your notebook, so you don't forget to take care of them later on.

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