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We spend most of our time indoors, which means that having superior air quality is essential to our health. It’s not hard to keep your indoor air free. Here are some tips by Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA to keep the air at home clean and allergy free.

Air Pollution Can Be Found at Home

When you think of air pollution you think of smog, ozone, and many cars contaminating. You hardly ever think that air pollution can happen inside your home. Actually, your indoor air may be even more polluted than the one outside. You can often find lead particles, volatile chemicals found in leaners, dust mites, mold, pet dander, and dust floating in your air and flaring up your allergies. There’s no way to avoid breathing this dirty air, but there are some ways you can try to reduce indoor allergens and irritants and make your home a healthier place.

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Keep the Floors Clean

There are many great reasons to install carpets at home. Among those reasons is better indoor quality air. Carpets trap pollutants and keep the air clean. Over time, textile flooring can oversaturate with dirt, pet hair, dust, and other contaminants and lose its health benefits. You need to vacuum your carpets once or twice a week, more if it’s pollen season. If you’re in the market for a powerful vacuum cleaner, look for one with an HEPA filter. This filter can help you reduce the lead levels in your carpets, as well as other allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. One great vacuuming tip is two vacuum high traffic areas several times to make sure you suck out as many contaminants as possible. Once you’re done vacuuming, you need to make sure to clean the filter or dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag outside of your home to prevent the pollutants from coming back in. Being diligent with your vacuuming and carpet maintenance sometimes isn’t enough to keep allergens away. You need to schedule a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year to help you do a more thorough cleaning job. After vacuuming your carpets there might be some dust or allergens left behind on your regular floors. All you need to do is capture does pollutants with a clean microfiber mop. There’s no need for harsh chemicals and soaps, warm water is enough to capture any lingering dust.

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Choose Your Carpet Wisely

The material from which your carpet is made can also affect your health. If you’re considering installing carpets in your home, try to look for an option that’s friendlier to your health. Many carpet manufacturers carry hypoallergenic and antimicrobial carpeting and padding options for you to choose from. These allergy-friendly options have low levels of VOC and are easy to clean and maintain.

Avoid Pet Dander

Pets are members of the family, and for many families, this means they live at home. Pets can be a great company, but they can get your carpets and upholstery dirty and affect your health. No animal breed is allergy-free, you can find pet allergens in the dander and saliva of both cats and dogs. If you can, keep your pets outside or at least make some rooms out of bounds for them. Bathe your pets once a week to reduce the amount of dander they shed. Don’t forget to vacuum your carpets often to collect the pet hair collecting there and reduce allergens.

Look for Natural Products

Pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and dirt aren’t the only factors that contribute to your home’s poor indoor air quality. The products that you use to get rid of them can have a huge effect as well. Most cleaning products contain taxes that can aggravate asthma problems, especially for children and the elderly. Before you jump to use that powerful carpet stain remover, check the ingredients to make sure it’s safe for your family. Next time you go shopping for cleaners, look for allergy friendly or natural products, at least go for something that’s fragrance-free.

Prevent Mold Growth

Mold and mildew often grow in places with heavy dampness such as basements, bathrooms, and wet carpets. Mold can greatly affect your health and air quality. Try your best to prevent mold buildup by making sure everything in your home is nice and dry and regulating the humidity levels. Stop mold from growing in your carpets by thoroughly drying after every spill and making sure that the carpet cleaning company you hire sucks out all the excess water after they clean.

Bring Nature Inside

NASA research proves that some house plants help purify the indoor air. Plants can reduce common household toxins and allergens and bring better indoor air quality. Plus they can make your home smell good as well. Just make sure that the plants you choose aren’t toxic if eaten, especially in homes with children or pets.

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