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Staying warm and cozy in your home is essential during the cold winter months. To learn tips on how to keep your place nice and toasty, read this post by Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA.

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How to Keep Your Home Warm

Seal Every Hole, Crack, and Gap

Needless to say, if you want the temperature of your property to be stable, you first need to make sure that there's no way in which air is entering or leaving the property. Temperature transfer can happen through cracks on the walls, ceilings, and floors, gaps on the doors and window frames, or other holes around your home. Seal all of those entry and exit ways properly so that you can control your place's temperature better and stay warm during the winter months.

Get Thick Drapes for the Windows

Having a perfectly sealed home can help tremendously when the chilly winds howl. But, when the weather outside is especially cold, the coldness will find other ways to enter your house. For example, the glass from the windows can allow some of the frigid temperature in, even if they're totally shut. To keep that cold sensation at bay, you should get thick drapes to go over the windows and keep them shut whenever needed.

Let Light Into Your Home

In the previous tip, we suggested closing the drapes to shut the coldness of the season out of your home. Still, there will be some times in which you will need to open them up, as the sun can help with your place's temperature. If, during the short, dark winter days, a little bit of sunlight peeks through, clear your windows so it can warm up your house and provide a cozier atmosphere.

Maintain Your Carpeted Floors Properly

One of the most valuable benefits that carpeted floors offer is that they can help keep your home warm when the frightful weather starts to roam outside. Not only do they absorb some of the coldness in your home, but they provide a soft surface to walk on and can help create a cozier atmosphere, all of which are much appreciated qualities during the winter days. Still, for your carpeting to provide all of these benefits, it needs to be in top shape. This is why it's necessary that you maintain them properly (vacuuming them regularly and thoroughly, and giving them a professional deep clean every so often).

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Double Glaze Your Windows

As mentioned above, some of the cold from outside can get transferred into your home through the glass in your windows. If you find that using thick drapes doesn't do the trick of keeping the cold out, you should consider double glazing your windows. This is a process through which they add one or more window panes to your home, making it more difficult for the cold to get through. This will also reduce noise contamination and make your home more secure. Just consider that it is a real investment.

Line the Attic

Something else that requires a big financial commitment but that will allow you to have a warmer home and lower electricity bills is lining your attic. This consists of adding enough fiberglass wool to the ceiling, so that you can preserve your home's temperature successfully. Once again, this is an expensive endeavor, but it can end up saving you money in the long run.

Help the Hot Air Move Around

Picture this: it is a cold winter night, you have the fireplace going, and you sit in front of it with a cup of hot cocoa. It sounds ideal, doesn't it? Well, it's not if you want to maintain your whole house warm. You should let the hot air to circulate through it effectively (i.e. don't place furniture or obstacles in front of vents, the fireplace, or other).

Be Strategic With Your Doors

Finally, you should consider how you use your doors. While this tip may sound a little bit weird, it makes a lot of sense once you think about it. This is because you should keep the warmth in the places where you actually need it. That's why, if you have a heating system,  you should open your doors on rooms where you want that warmth, and close it on rooms where that energy would be wasted.

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