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A wet carpet is the perfect environment for mold to develop in. If your carpet has gotten wet, Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA will help you dry it effectively through this post.

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How to Dry Your Carpeted Floors Effectively

Act Fast and Tend to the Situation

The first step is to act fast and tend to the situation immediately. This is because, if you let the liquid sit on the carpet for a long time, it will sink in and get trapped in the bottom layers of the carpet, making it harder to dry in its entirety, and making your carpet more prone to mold development. So, the moment you notice that something has spilled on your carpet floors, you should leave what you're doing and run to try to fix it, so you can do it more easily and effectively.

Absorb Some of the Excess Moisture

Of course, if the whole point of this tutorial is to get your carpet dry once again, then the first thing you need to do is get some of the excess moisture off of it, so the drying process can begin. For that, you will have to grab a clean cloth or towel. Then, blot the affected area repeatedly to lift off as much of the moisture as possible. Do not scrub, though, as this will only cause the liquid to sink in deeply. If the spill is too voluminous, you could try sucking up some of the excess moisture on the floor with your vacuum cleaner.

Uncover the Padding Underneath the Fabric

Your carpet is made up of different layers. The fabric is the one you interact with on a daily basis. Obviously, it is the top layer and it's more likely that it will dry fast because it gets ventilation. However, there's another layer, the padding, that provides the softness and cushiness that you love about your carpet. Since it's underneath, it's more likely that this layer will house humidity and become the perfect breeding ground for mold. In order to prevent that situation, and make your carpet dry again, you will have to expose the padding and get it ventilated. To do that, you should simply life the outer layer of the carpeting to uncover the layers underneath.

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Let Air Flow Through the Space

Since the goal here is to get your carpet dry, you need to allow air to lower the humidity levels in the room. It's as simple as that. What may not be as simple, however, is getting enough air into the room to get the floors dry again. One way to go about it is to open up the windows and doors so that air can move freely through the room. If you have one, you could even turn on the AC system in your home to blast air around. Of course, you can also turn on the fans you have. If you have a floor fan, try to aim it directly at the wet spot on your carpet.

Quarantine the Area Until It's Dry

The next thing to do is quarantine the damaged area of the carpet and just wait until it's not wet anymore. Needless to say, this can be a tiring, slow, long process, which is why it's recommended that you find something else to do in the meantime. In any case, you should avoid stepping over the area, putting things on top of it, and disrupting the area in general. You never know what could worsen the situation, so create a perimeter around it to guarantee that no one and nothing will get in the way of its drying process.

Use Baking Soda if Needed

Lastly, if after you're done and the carpet has dried thoroughly, you still can smell the humidity in the air, know that you don't have to learn to live with that. You can make your place smell normal again if you use baking soda to neutralize the smell. To do that, simply sprinkle a good amount of baking soda all over the affected area. Let it sit there, absorbing the moisture and smell, for a couple of hours. Then, vacuum it off. If the smell lingers, try it again.

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