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During the holiday season, it's more likely that you'll have guests drop by without much announcement. This post by Augusta Cleanpro will give you tips to clean your home quickly for them.

How to Clean Your Home Fast

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Pick Everything Up

The first tip is to simply pick up everything that's out place and put it back where it belongs. To that end, it is recommended that you grab a plastic bag or a box, and that you start going through every room in your house to pick up misplaced toys, dishes, clothing, etc. Of course, the trash you find should be put in the trash can.

Wipe Off Visible Dust

If you haven't cleaned your home in a few days, dust could have started to accumulate on top of the surfaces. This is a dead giveaway that you haven't been keeping up with your home's cleanliness in awhile. To make sure it won't give yo up, you need to wipe off any visible dust (especially the one that has gathered on areas where your guest are likely to be rummaging through).

Be Aware of the Details

As the saying goes 'the devil is in the details'. Applied to your situation, this means that, if you want your home to look as clean as possible without actually spending a lot of time cleaning it, you will need to take care of the easy-to-fix details. For instance, if one of your rugs is disheveled, fix it up. Doing small stuff like this will help your home seem more put-together than it is.

Get Rid of the Smell

If you haven't been the best at cleaning your home, it's possible that aside from not looking the best, it won't smell the best, either. Furthermore, it's probable that you'll develop nose blindness, which means you may not be able to perceive its stinkiness. Just in case there's some foul scents emanating from your home, you should spray all of it with air fresheners. Just don't go overboard, as too much air fresheners can be offensive, too.

Care for the Floors

If you keep up with your carpeted floors' maintenance, your battle against a dirty house is pretty much won, since floors are such a major part of your home. But, if you haven't been taking care of them either, you need to grab your vacuum cleaner and go through them quickly. A simple vacuuming session can do wonders for your floors and for your home's overall cleanliness.

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Work on the Kitchen

Dirty dishes, food leftovers, trash, and other nasty things can be found in your kitchen. This, as you can imagine, is not what you want when you're trying to put your house's best face forward. That's why you should do a fast run through the kitchen: wash dishes, wipe down the counters, and take the garbage out to make it cleaner.

Clean the Bathroom

An unkempt bathroom is a nasty and unsanitary place. Moreover, it's one that your guests are surely going to stop by in. For that reason, you should also remember to keep your bathrooms clean. If you're strapped for time, you can do a quick run through it: brush the toilet bowl with disinfectant, and use disinfectant towels to wipe down the rest of the toilet, the mirror, the sink, and the counter.

Keep Them Out

This tip may seem a bit rude at first. However, it makes sense once you think about it. This is because as much as you may love your unexpected guests, it's probable that there are some places in your home that they have no business going into (for example, your bedroom). So you don't have to waste time cleaning those areas, simply lock them before their arrival.

Have a Chill Attitude

Finally, remember that even if your place isn't in its best condition, you should still focus on enjoying your guests' company. At the end of the day, having them around during the holiday season is the whole reason of the celebrations of the winter months. Plus, if your guests see you all worried, it's likely that they'll discover the dirtiness you've been hiding in your home.

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