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A mud stain can be horrendous on your carpeted floors. To make them good as new once again, follow this tutorial on how to clean mud off your carpets from Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA.

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How to Clean Mud Off Your Carpeting

Don't Drag Mud Into Your Home

Now, if you already have a mud stain floor, this first tip won't be very helpful. In any case, if you don't want your carpets to be stained with mud, the first thing you need to do is simply not drag mud into your house. This can be more difficult during this time of year, since the summer months invite people to be outside. To prevent mud from being dragged to your precious flooring, simply instill a 'no shoe inside' rule in your household. Make sure that family and guests stick to it.

Get Rid of the Excess Mud

Let's say you didn't follow the tip above or that someone didn't follow the rules, how do you clean mud that's already on your flooring? Well, first of all, you need to act fast, as allowing the mud to harden on your carpeting can do awful things to its fibers. Then, you will have to grab a spoon to scrape the excess mud off of your floors. The best way to do this is to work from the outside in. Whatever you do, however, do not rub the stained area, as this will only cause the mud to sink in deeper.

Allow the Mud to Dry Fully

For this next step, you just need to be patient, as it's merely about waiting for the mud to dry completely. This can be a bit boring, so focus on doing something else while it does. Just make sure to prevent people from stepping over the affected area, as they could only make the problem worse. The importance of allowing the mud to dry is because, first of all, cleaning dirt is easier than cleaning mud. Also, you eliminate the possibility of getting carpet mold. To help the drying process, turn the AC and fans on, or open doors and windows, so air can circulate through the place.

Vacuum the Dirt That's Leftover

After the drying process has been completed successfully, instead of mud, you'll be left with dirt on you carpeted floors. While this isn't an ideal situation either, it may make cleaning your floors easier, since now you can simply vacuum the residue. But to be effective, you need to be thorough. This includes ensuring the vacuum's dust bag is empty, attaching the right nozzle to it, and going over the affected spot slowly and in different directions, so you can pick up as much dirt as possible.

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Use Little Moisture to Blot the Stain Off

It's likely that you can see a mud stain on your flooring even after vacuuming the dirt away. Before you panic, know that there's still hope. To clean it, you'll need a clean cloth and just a little bit of water. Dampen the cloth and gently blot the area repeatedly to lift the stain. Continue with this until you see most of the stain is gone. Something to be mindful of: never rub the stain!  

Let the Carpet Dry

Once you're done with the previous step, you may have a somewhat wet carpet. As stated above, the importance of allowing it to dry completely is enormous to prevent mold and a damaged carpet. If you went a little bit overboard with the use of water, you can grab a dry towel and use it to absorb the excess moisture from the floor. And as stated above, you should close off the wet area, open windows and doors, and turn on the AC system and fans to make the drying process go over fast.

Call a Professional Company

If in the end, not even your best efforts could make your carpeted floors look good as new once again, there's still one thing you can do to make them flawless, and that is: hiring a professional carpet cleaning company that can take care of them. Not only will your floors be spotless after their visit, but they will be sanitary, too, making your whole home prettier and healthier.

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