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Suede upholstery can make your home elegant and cozy. To care for it properly, you should follow the tips mentioned in this post by Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA.

How to Properly Care for Suede Upholstery

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Avoid Any Mishaps and Damage to Your Suede Upholstery

Since suede is very delicate and not that easy to clean, your best bet to ensure it stays in mint condition for years to come is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. A few measures you can take to make that happen are:
  • First, establish rules to keep your suede clean and make sure everybody complies with them. For example, you shouldn't allow shoes, pets, or food on your upholstery, to prevent any mishaps which could damage it.
  • You can also help keep your suede upholstery from getting dirty with the use of stain repellents. This way, if a mishap were to occur which could put its condition in danger, the repellent will diminish the damaging effects it could have.
  • You can also protect your suede upholstery by covering it with pillows and throws. They're far easier to clean if they get dirty. Not to mention, they can make your home seem more stylish and put together.
  • Another thing you can do is ensure your suede doesn't get hit with direct sunlight, as it can cause its color to fade away. Doing so will keep your suede beautiful for longer.

Care for Your Suede Appropriately to Extend Its Lifespan

Preventing mishaps and damage is great, but it's not the only thing you should do to extend your suede upholstery's lifespan. As a matter of fact, your suede requires regular care and maintenance to keep its colors, texture, and overall integrity. Follow the tips mentioned below to guarantee your suede upholstery will have the upkeep it requires to remain good as new for a long time.
  • If you want to be good about your upholstery maintenance, you will need to create a cleaning schedule that you can keep up with. It's a smart idea to work on your suede's upkeep around once a week, all so you can remove filth from it and keep it pretty. Just be sure to actually follow through with your weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Caring for your suede upholstery should also include brushing it every so often. For that, you will need to acquire a special brush. You'll have to gently go over your suede with it to remove any dirt, hairs, or other filth that could be stuck to it.
  • Finally, be sure to include a thorough vacuuming session for your weekly upholstery clean up. Using a vacuum with the right attachments will lift off much of the dirt that may be gathering on it. Doing this on a regular basis will also help prevent dust buildup, which can be a pain to get rid of later on. To clean it effectively, lift off the cushions and reach every crease.

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Clean Any Messes Promptly and Appropriately

Yes, you may be the most careful and most responsible person with your suede upholstery. However, no matter how much you care for it, it is highly likely that it will get dirty or have a substance spilled on it at some point. For such occasions, the best thing you can do to make your suede as good as new once more is to react promptly and appropriately to those messes. And here's how you can do it:
  • First of all, you need to remove the excess of the substance that was spilled on your upholstery. To that end, grab a clean towel (if dealing with a liquid) and blot it out - do not rub! If there are any solids in there, carefully pick them up. Once again, do not rub the stain, as it will cause it to sink deeper.
  • If possible, try not to use a lot of moisture when cleaning your suede, as water may cause more damage to it.
  • Lastly, after you're done cleaning your upholstery, ensure it dries completely before you start using it again. Use fans and open windows to accelerate the process and avoid mold growth.

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