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To keep your carpeting flawless, you need to follow a cleaning schedule. To help you out in this respect, read this post that Augusta Cleanpro in Augusta, GA, has prepared for you.

How to Follow a Carpet Cleaning Schedule

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Right at the Moment

The first thing you should keep in mind is that if a substance spills on your carpeting, letting it sit there for awhile will only cause the substance to sink in and stain the flooring. Moreover, it will be much harder to remove said stain from the carpeting's fibers if you wait to address the problem. That's why, you should be quick to clean it off. Before you do, however, be sure to look at the source of the stain, since the substance will determine the method you should use. In any case, dabbing the spot with some warm water can help lift most of it right off.

Every Day

As you may be aware, it is not suggested that you vacuum your carpets every single day. This is because all of the pulling from the vacuum can cause it to become loose and damaged. However, if you want to make keeping up with your carpets' cleaning sessions easier, you should be vacuuming every single day. To that end, you should set a day of the week to take care of one of the carpeted rooms in your home. For example, Mondays can be set to vacuum your room thoroughly. Tuesdays can be used to focus on the carpeted floors in your living room.

Every Single Week

While it's not wise to vacuum your carpeted floors every single day, it is necessary that you have vacuuming sessions every single week. It's even recommended that you vacuum each of your carpeted rooms twice a week. Doing so will help you prevent dust buildup, as well as the negative effects that can come from it (like an increase in allergic reactions). However, to ensure you're doing an effective job when you vacuum, you should be going over one same spot in different directions. Doing this slowly will help you be as thorough as possible.

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Every Month

Of course, you should make a real effort to clean your carpets well with every vacuuming session. However, once a month, you should be taking extra measures to keep it in mint condition. For example, you should be moving your furniture around so you can reach the area that's under it, as it can also get dirty even if it's not as exposed as other parts of the carpet. While you do, remember to change up the vacuum's attachments, so that you can vacuum every single corner and difficult spot. This way, you will ensure that your whole carpet is clean.

Every Couple of Months

Another step you can take every couple of months to get rid of any traces of dust, spots, or other unsightly marks on your carpeted floors, is to deep clean them. To that end, it is recommended that you blot your carpet with a bit of warm water, so that you can lift off as much nastiness as possible. Be careful not to use too much moisture, however, as you could end up with a moldy, damp carpet. Likewise, if you feel your carpeting is emitting a foul smell, sprinkling a considerable amount of baking soda on your floors may do the trick. You just need to let it act up for a couple of hours and then vacuum it off.

At Least Once a Year

Last but not least, if you're truly committed to keep your carpeting clean, sanitary, and flawless for a long time, you must remember to have a professional carpet cleaning company take care of it at least once a year. A team like Cleanpro will use a unique carpet cleaning system to get rid of the trapped dirt, odors, stains, and microorganisms that may be found on your carpeting. This will also mean that you'll be able to save money on your flooring's maintenance in the long run, as your carpet's lifespan will be extended.

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And remember, 'Don't steam your carpets, CLEAN your carpets!'

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